A New Home for Aqua Flame


Aqua Flame Cell houses worry-free fire feature

Luxury living and elegance abounds. Aqua Flame Cell is a custom-designed atrium for the fuel-free Aqua Flame Cartridge. Four panes of tempered glass, surrounding a solid steel inner and outer base boldly reflect the fire feature’s illusory flames.

Discreetly placed openings provide a variety of options for the Aqua Flame Cartridge’s electrical wiring to plug into outlets in a wall or above a baseboard.

The combination of Aqua Flame Cell’s glass and steel with the Aqua Flame Cartridge’s illusion of fire produces a tempting and inviting presence in any bedroom, living room, great hall, or dining area. The fuel-free distinction of Aqua Flame Cartridge makes it a natural fit in any hotel, restaurant, bar, or lounge.


Classy and stylish, the cartridge’s contemporary atrium is a modern way to house the faux fire feature in any indoor space.

(Aqua Flame Cartridge included.)

by Adam

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