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What’s your office style?

Here at Decorpro Home + Garden, our vast range of indoor-outdoor furnishings and contemporary decor is suited to any space in the home and garden, as well as at work. Whether you’re looking for a modern makeover for your home office, or a stylish upgrade to your workplace environment, these versatile, functional products will add presence in your workplace. Take a look at this video for some helpful ways to enhance and upgrade your work environment—at your home or away office.

Whether you’re looking to make a grand statement with a Corby Planter (L16” X W16” X H32”) at the front door, or you want to add a bit of dazzling elegance to accent or highlight a corner with an Ice (Freestanding) torch, our vast range of stylish products will help anchor the room, while adding uniformity throughout the space.

Classy elegant touches that tie the look of your office together, while adding personality in the room will help energize your environment. Select individual pieces such as the Vibe Sconce, making use of its functionality as a tabletop decorative statement piece atop a rustic shelf. The black and white Echo wine bottle holder is a unique addition and functional during those workplace gatherings, while an Omega Tabletop Fireburner, functioning as a candle holder adds some ambiance.

Consider the view from your desk, as well. What do you see out the window? What do you want to see? The Ovia Tabletop Fireburner, as a candle holder, is a perfect pop of colour on the patio table at lunch or break time before you get back to the busy day.

Modern and stylish, Decorpro Home + Garden products are vast and versatile and functional for office use as well.





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