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Your Chance to Design Planters with Decorpro

Condo developers, restaurateurs, hoteliers, homeowners, landscape architects, cityscapers! Decorpro Home + Garden has broadened the spectrum of choices in the category of indoor-outdoor Planter solutions for any and every commercial and residential project! Could your restaurant entrance use a makeover? Does your gardenscape need a facelift? Hotel lobby in need of a modern upgrade? Cityscape need some uplifting?

We are now offering all our customers and clients the opportunity to design your own custom planters–to your own tailored specifications!

Aberdeen Planters (L 48" X W 16" X H 24" ea.) flank a hotel lobby settee. One Aberdeen as long as the settee? It can be done!

Your pie-in-the-sky dreams of a planter as tall as the door to your restaurant or home, or a planter as long as the length of that magnificent flowerbed in your gardenscape,  aren’t so unrealistic anymore.


(D12000-242466-5R-14-D11003) CORBY CELL FIREBURNER (L24 X W24 X H66)_RED_WEB_UNEDITED


Customized Shapes 

Looking for a planter that exceeds all planters? Weatherproof, with a lifetime warranty, available in 43 custom colours, and now, also, available as customizable shapes and sizes, Decorpro planters will surpass all your planter expectations.




Customized for All-Year!

Just think, you can have it all–planters that last all-year, in any weather  condition–rain, snow, sleet, hail, and sun. Without damaging. Without warping. Without splitting, and without mildew build-up.

Our design team is working on an 8′ ft.-long planter,  and accessories that will adjust the size right now! A planter based on the shape of a polygon? Another contemporary shape? We’ll take care of it!

Can I get a planter to fit the length of the lobby of my condo development? How about a planter to fit the dimensions of my hotel swimming pool? Yes, you can!


The Long and Short of It(D12003-303030-5R-14)_ATHENS_PLANTER_(RED)_WEB_UNEDITED

Shown: An Athens Planter (L 30″ X W 30″ X H 30″) lounges by the pool. Want an Athens Planter to fit the length of the pool, and contoured to the shape of the pool? Something shorter? Wider?

What about a planter the length of the bar in my restaurant? A planter customized to suit the shape of my garden walkway? You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. We’ll walk you through the process of customizing a look for the planters you’ve always wanted for your home, garden, or any other indoor or outdoor space. You have dreams. We’ll help you achieve them. No project too big. No project too tall.

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