Omega Makes Headlines in L.A Times


Decorpro always strives to provide our customers with unique products that are both mesmerizing and functional. From our Tabletop Fireburners to our Fire Pits, different sizes and options allow our customers to implement our products into their home to complement existing decor. We also provide alternatives for apartments and small living spaces with our Tabletop line. Omega, a product that has been a classic design, has made headlines in Los Angeles, California in the L.A Times. Omega is a single ribbon of solid steel that has our Chome Finish Cup nestled perfectly into its white epoxy painted form. The use of bio-ethanol fuel has its own benefits such as not producing smoke, soot, or ash. Providing heat, the Omega acts as a great centrepeice and conversation starter at any dinner party or event. It also creates a cozy atmosphere with a flickering flame in conjunction to its refreshing white radiance.

The Los Angeles Times is America’s largest metropolitan newspaper with a readership of 2.5 million. Coupled with their print and online presence, they have a weekly audience of 4.1 million readers. To have them feature one of our products is such an honor. Thank you Daniel Foster for the opportunity to showcase one of our favorite products in your newspaper in the California area.

by Adam

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