Surface, the stylish way to serve drinks


You’re used to a luxurious way of life. Lounging on the deck, overlooking the pristine blue of the pool, or even better, the ocean.  Why lift a finger to have drinks served to you? New to Decorpro Home + Garden, Surface is a restaurant-quality accessory that serves as a wine glass holder, as well as a cocktail, bar-ready table for appetizers and other drinks.

Transforming several in the line of custom torches into the look of a floating bar table, Surface also contains three custom laser-cut grooves to accommodate 9 standard-sized wine glasses. Stylish and modern, Surface is more than an accessory. Made of thin-gauge solid steel and painted in a durable black epoxy, this contemporary new addition to the Decorpro Home + Garden family offers a functional, decorative serving solution to serving drinks and food indoors and outdoors.


Did someone say Drinks please!? Surface, the elegant answer to all your home and garden events.

by Adam

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