Toronto Gift Fair a Hit!


This past week, Decorpro participated in the Toronto Gift Fair Spring 2016. After strategic planning from our design team, our booth showcased some interesting new products to retailers. We had introduced the Glide Wall Unit at last years trade show, but this time we had it on display advertising it next to 19 available colour swatches. Its Aqua Flame Cartridge flickered and illuminated white rocks, proving to be quite the show stopper.


In addition to the Glide, two black wood-grain Lagunas poised right at the front of the booth made most retailers and passerbys wonder if we had all three products burning inside the Congress Centre. We showcased the mist like flame, and people were just fascinated by its mechanics. Some went as far as to think it was real fire, but in reality it works on 100% tap water like a glorified humidifier.


On display between the two Lagunas the newly released Tabletop Torches quickly grew in popularity. With six options, retailers could now have miniature versions of our best selling torches in their stores. Small, compact, and portable, these aspects made these products a major hit. They even loved the fact that all of our products are even designed and made in Canada, even our fuel!

Table top banner

Our best selling Torches did very well. They continued to wow retailers, new and returning. Planted in the ground, mounted to mounting brackets for docks or decks, or even using a base for freestanding purposes, retailers were ecstatic to display these in their stores in time for the upcoming cottage season.

Other products such as Allusion, Kaskade, and Zed also made an appearance proving that their presence still struck visitors with their aesthetically pleasing form and reflective glass.


Our cleverness and unique take on home decor both surprised and intrigued many as most exclaimed that they have never encountered ‘products like this before.’ We at Decorpro work hard to be different, to introduce unconventional ways of achieving function through form like we did with the Surface Table. We value the added benefit of a product to the end user by incorporating multiple uses and customization. Like the Cell Micro, that can use an upside down mounting bracket and mounted to a wooden post on a fence, or to a wall mount, retailers were amazed by the possibilities.


As the trade show came to a close, we were very satisfied with what we had achieved. Our team all came together to make this happen, and we thank each and every one of them.

Here’s to a successful trade-show!

by Adam

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